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One platform to manage content, share resources and individually cater for patients. We're using a technology-driven, data-sharing approach to deliver better online care for lower costs.


Putting patients first

Because needs change

Patients can control the health information that they see when visiting the site, prioritising what they feel is important for them and their loved ones. Patients priorities and needs are constantly changing, and the website can change with them. With our personalisation manager, you can tailor content for your visitors and present contextualised information that is relevant to their demographics, medical history, interests and lifestyle.


Better care around the clock

Timely and relevant, we understand the need for information now.

Out of GP practice hours the website automatically directs patients to other local services to help them find the right information for them. We’ve found that often patients will contact A&E when their GP is closed because they are unsure of how else to access services. We want to help people make better decisions when accessing care.


Clinician control

Taking control has never been so easy.

We know that you frequently have healthcare messages that you are keen for certain groups of patients to know about, be they getting the flu jab in winter or attending for their yearly diabetic review. Goby allows the practice team to target important health messages to those patients who need to see them. This allows the GP practice as the expert in the healthcare needs of their population to prioritise information for their patients.



Flexible practice input

Your site doesn't have to be a burden

The automated and patient centred approach of Goby means that it requires minimal input from the GP practice team, but a user friendly and accessible system is in place for those practices who wish to spend more time customising their site.

For the good of all

Reimagined for collaboration

The Goby platform allows practices to share content between groups of practices which the practices themselves can define. Not only can web page information be shared in this way but also practice documents, such as policies, procedures and contracts, allowing groups of practices to create a shared pool of information.

Unlock value from the wider community

Goby allows third parties to create and share content for GP practices to use for their patients. This functionality allows community providers, secondary care providers, healthcare charities, CCGs and community groups to create patient information which can be added to the shared library content for practices to use as they need.

What does GobyHealth management system provide?


Simplified workflow

Goby Health has been designed to make you as productive as possible. This means it's fast, beautiful and easy to use so you can focus on getting your message out to your patients, not how the technology works.



Many devices, one experience. Content is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Your site adapts elegantly to any device, delivering a consistent user experience.


Library Content

Collaborate with administrators and share content with other ccgs and organisations. With Goby as the central place for content, there's minimal confusion about who's working on what and when.

'Supporting patients to self care and better manage their long term conditions is essential for the future of primary care and the NHS. Our decision to use Goby stemmed from the belief that employees would be more productive on a platform that was built for them.'

Kaysia Gayle, NHS Southern Derbyshire

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