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Goby Health is a pioneering collaborative project between NHS Primary Care providers and the IT industry. Its aims are to address some of the big issues facing healthcare in the UK, through changing the way patients and carers engage with their GP practice via the internet. We believe patients should always be at the centre of their care and wanted a website that could help us achieve this goal.

Our product provides more than information. It offers a more meaningful way for physicians and caregivers to communicate with patients and their families.

This understanding defines our culture, drives our teams, and motivates every one of us to strive for excellence.

We believe

We believe that GP practice websites can, and should, be for so much more than online prescriptions and appointment bookings. They should be engaging, accessible and reliable portals for patients who wish to learn more about looking after their health and wellbeing. We wanted to develop a truly patient centred website which could adapt to suit their needs, allowing them to see the health information that was important for them. We also wanted the ability for clinicians to promote important health information and public health messages directly to those patients to whom it was relevant, helping people to stay well. We wanted a website that would support patients in their self-care, but also help them access a wide variety of healthcare services when and where appropriate.

As current GP practice websites are unable to offer the level of patient interaction and engagement that we felt was needed for the future of primary care we decided to embark upon the exciting collaborative project that has lead to the creation of Goby Health, and a GP practice website that is truly unique in its level of patient activation, engagement and centeredness. A few years from now we will look back at the GP websites of today and be amazed at how static and impersonal they were.

Our Mission

Knowledge is power - when it's shared

To serve patients and our customers by dramatically improving healthcare information online.

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